Redacted Tomatoes: The Story of Black Panther

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"Only 85% for Black Panther? Looks like you've had a bit too much to THINK..."

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Black Panther (Marvel Comics) Marvel Studios Black Panther Rotten Tomatoes The Rageaholic RazörFist

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    Popular Comments:

Sean Sweeney . 2018-02-19
The existence of a movie featuring a primarily black cast and themes is not race-baiting unless it’s existence pisses you off. I saw it and I liked it. It was a fun movie.
121 2 . Reply
xodious demonico . 2018-02-19
My first viewing and I love it!
121 2 . Reply
Y P . 2018-02-19
Thanks for your perspective, it was interesting to listen to. I think you'll enjoy Black Panther too, it's a well-made and poignant movie.
121 2 . Reply
Account9000 . 2018-02-19
I mean there are all white casts in films that spew leftist propaganda being produced all the time...
121 2 . Reply
Żabka . 2018-02-19
Time to boycott Rotten Tomatoes . . .

. . . because they taste like shit, and I won't serve them to my family.
121 2 . Reply
uncle trash . 2018-02-19
Black people are relentless victims of relentless white racism no matter the situation
121 2 . Reply
Om Lo . 2018-02-19
That Father's Day zinger at the end caught me by surprise. Well done Razorfist, made me laugh!
121 2 . Reply
5persondude . 2018-02-19
We wuz kangsz in sheeeit
121 2 . Reply
Steve Travesty . 2018-02-19
Compared to all other Marvel Movies i would say its a good movie. Not as pessimistic on "race" as Luke Cage. You can pick apart political subtext sure, but I think it makes the movie better that way. It is not exposition, and it is not exploitation. Its about connecting with your roots and having civilization. Do we not metal for its tribal drumming war cry of our primal ancestors. White man was tribal too, long ago.
121 2 . Reply
Bruno Munemassa . 2018-02-19
Godlike 60fps colored DIC...-tion !
121 2 . Reply
theblocksays . 2018-02-19
EVERY click-bait article on lionizing this movie in a nutshell: https://youtu.be/8gIBgRiGl04
121 2 . Reply
PartTimeJedi . 2018-02-18
Love me some rageaholic
121 2 . Reply
Ray Maritz . 2018-02-18
"Doing something truly racist, like release the movie on Father's Day" - LOL Thanks for a great laugh!
121 2 . Reply
Martin Hesketh . 2018-02-18
These biased piece of shit movie sites are running scared of public opinion affecting ticket sales. It's obvious now that squished tomatoes and a lot of the other review sites are in the studios pockets.
121 2 . Reply
fred coz . 2018-02-18
If black panther is 99% to 98% fresh, and people want 100%. Just imagine how adam Sandler feels...
121 2 . Reply
Black Ice . 2018-02-18
What's crazy about this? I'm just some white dude over here. The Rotten Tomatoes thing does indeed piss me off. But who am I pissed at? Effing White Liberals! (not black people). YOU CAN'T RACE-BAIT PEOPLE WHO AREN'T RACIST, YOU LEFTIST DOUCHE CANOES! ...cool. that was cathartic.
121 2 . Reply
Pedo Pepe 666 . 2018-02-18
You are great. I like the DC films though. Love the stryper poster btw. 👍
121 2 . Reply
Uncle Joe . 2018-02-18
Who is this HD trickster and what did he do to Razorfist?
121 2 . Reply
Tom Caine . 2018-02-18
In cultural and significance terms, Black Panther did what it was supposed to and then some. In film making terms, it's just a good comic book movie and not much else. Regardless of either, it should not be considered infallible or immune to criticism.
121 2 . Reply
Marc Day . 2018-02-18
We never 'freeze' but we are told we are, while they 'freeze' but told they aren't. Such a backward motion in these times!
121 2 . Reply
Ice Loki . 2018-02-18
These morons almost made me not want to see the movie but said fuck them I've been waited for a black panther movie for years and I'm not going to let their race pandering to sell tickets ruin it for thankfully I was not disappointed with the film but these fucker need to stop just stop that whole race pandering shit was cancer
121 2 . Reply
Sasapesso . 2018-02-18
"Be racist and release the film on fathers' day." I died...
121 2 . Reply
Invictus maneo PaxAmericana . 2018-02-18
....standing?.....color?.....sans leather?!
121 2 . Reply
AJtheory . 2018-02-18
Nope. Not gonna pay 15 bucks to go see Blazz Peekle
121 2 . Reply
s s . 2018-02-18
Probably won't see it.

I remember how much my stomach turned by how much people gushed about how amazing wonder woman was. It was no better than any other super hero movie, maybe even on the low end of them, but because it's wonder Woman, it's raved as one of the best movies ever made. Fuck that. Fuck feminists, and fuck the cucks than bend over and spread for them.
121 2 . Reply
OsakaRose Sakura . 2018-02-18
121 2 . Reply
ironduke0775 . 2018-02-18
This "Alt-Right Tomatometer Troll" bullshit is just a convenient excuse to claim that shitty movies aren't "really" shitty.  I read a WaPo article where the writer mentioned the FB group which supposedly planned to bring down Last Jedi's score. The writer claimed that "...there is no way to tell for sure if the group's efforts had any effect". Really, because I had just finished reading not one, but two articles that quoted employees from Rotten Tomatoes saying that the score was indeed accurate and that their monitoring efforts had detected no unusual activity on their site. But I'm sure the WaPo writer meant to include that and just forgot about it.   Fake news, indeed.
121 2 . Reply
OsakaRose Sakura . 2018-02-18
121 2 . Reply
Greywolf88 . 2018-02-18
When people call me a racist. I just tell them that that’s impossible. Because I don’t even race. Strangely, it shuts them up pretty fast.
121 2 . Reply
The Pixal King . 2018-02-18
First time watching you. You're like a coked out uncle running through the back yard naked on the fourth of July with fireworks shooting out your ass!
121 2 . Reply
you2099 . 2018-02-18
Wildcat Onesie!
121 2 . Reply
Dragon Slayer Ornstein . 2018-02-18
This is a black and white issue
121 2 . Reply
gds481300 . 2018-02-18
Dennis Leary called he his act back
121 2 . Reply
Life and Time Podcast . 2018-02-18
Rotten Tomatoes scores are a percentage of People that LIKED it. Its not an aggregate review score. Proving you're an idiot making a safe haven video for racist fuck sticks. Useless rant video just as bad as the media you criticize. Congrats you are looking not only racist, but opening your fanbase up to Morons which doesn't reflect well on yourself.
121 2 . Reply
Flyingtaco4334 . 2018-02-18
i would buy you a beer but i don't know where you live in Mordor.
121 2 . Reply
Paul . 2018-02-18
Release this movie on father's day. Lol. How about for some shits and giggles they should have released it along a rerelease of birth of a nation. You wouldn't even have to go in the theater to be entertained.
121 2 . Reply
fabiano reis . 2018-02-18
So much drama for a beginning of the year movie.
121 2 . Reply
Vlad Piranha . 2018-02-17
Identity mobs vs identity mobs. I hope they all destroy each other so the sane can inherit the earth.
121 2 . Reply
Captain Freedom . 2018-02-17
I posted a link to that CB4 song in the comments on another Black Panther comment thread recently lol
121 2 . Reply
Un-broken and victorious . 2018-02-17
The King of Wakanda is my favorite national socialist. ;D
121 2 . Reply
14 33 . 2018-02-17
This guy. Millenial AlfaOmegaSin. Subbed.
121 2 . Reply
John Cunningham . 2018-02-17
To be honest, in all aspects, that headline could be the dumbest thing written in the history of mankind.
121 2 . Reply
LOSERoftheRoundtable . 2018-02-17
Damn! Felt like I got dick punched by the end. Great ending joke. Lol
121 2 . Reply
Water Bear . 2018-02-17
All actors are black in this movie, and the protagonist and antagonist are trying to kill each other. Blacks trying to kill blacks.....this is technically NONE-FICTION. #alllivesmatter
121 2 . Reply
Damon Kelly . 2018-02-17
Razorfist you continue to be the voice inside my head.
121 2 . Reply
plaubel28 . 2018-02-17
Jagoff? Your Pittsburg is showing.
121 2 . Reply
Jacob Pipers . 2018-02-17
This would be the Score if the movie was the same characters and story but other race. https://pasteboard.co/H82AyxC.png

but seriously if the movie was the same story but the characters were white or Asain or any other nationality or race. Would they give it the same review? If not why?

This is the Truth if it has a perfect score you have to wonder who paid for it. Because Entertainment is Subjective.
121 2 . Reply
DaveElectric . 2018-02-17
Why the hell would the alt-right be against a black nationalist movie?
121 2 . Reply
Sean Turner . 2018-02-17
"they would have released this film on father's day."

My side.
121 2 . Reply
Dustin Wade . 2018-02-17
Released on Father's day. Now that's savage....
121 2 . Reply