The Untold Truth Of The Matrix

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Nowadays, everyone knows about The Matrix. But when it first debuted in 1999, filmgoers weren't quite sure what they were in for. The movie's blend of such a large existential framework with slick kung fu action scenes elevated the Wachowskis and had everyone second-guessing whether they'd take the blue pill or the red pill. But with two relatively new filmmakers at the helm, it's a bit of a surprise such an ambitious concept ever made it to celluloid, let alone spawned such a cultural phenomenon. So, let's take a look back at how The Matrix came to be such a central part of the sci-fi film world in the first place...

Odd origins | 0:33
Storyboarding | 2:00
Casting calls | 2:28
Fight preparation | 3:30
Satisfying the suits | 4:24

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    Popular Comments:

Bjørn Brynemo . 2018-02-17
as relevant today as ever
121 2 . Reply
Pactum Excello . 2018-02-16
And the Chinese fight coreographer didn't take long to understand the concept.
I can see now how brilliant the hollywood brains are
121 2 . Reply
Neo Klyptic . 2018-02-15
Can’t see depp doing karate moves.
121 2 . Reply
jolevon on drums brown . 2018-02-13
If you want to get your life straight out about a real movie happening right now everybody go look at Netflix movie original it's called the Cloverfield paradox and that is about our reality right now think I'm playing stupix Merkcans
121 2 . Reply
jolevon on drums brown . 2018-02-13
We live in a matrix I thinking we can live with the caucus and all we know them to do is destroy lie still kill and divide and conquer
121 2 . Reply
DARRYL DAMON . 2018-02-13
The wickowski brothers now the wickowski sisters stole everything from a black women named Sophia who wrote and submitted the script in comic book form to them when she was a child.
She won the largest lawsuit in America .
Also the terminator series.
All thieves patting themselves on the back.
121 2 . Reply
Simon Sheu . 2018-02-10
This movie shines forever
121 2 . Reply
BRUCE LEEROY X . 2018-02-10
That's a lie the matrix is written by Sophia Stewart the mother of the matrix and was stolen by WB.
121 2 . Reply
Adam McLain . 2018-02-09
no they stole idea from the third eye book. everyone knows this now
121 2 . Reply
Chris Wilson . 2018-02-09
Hey I happen to like Assassins!
121 2 . Reply
Steve BB . 2018-02-07
no mention of The Invisables? It a total (albeit entertaining) rip off.
121 2 . Reply
aishah muhammad . 2018-02-07
Because they didn't make it a black lady made it and they stole the strip from her look it up
121 2 . Reply
BlackFalconZ850E77 . 2018-02-03
Those brothers didn't write the script a BLACK WOMEN did!💯 And they got sued for it. Thats why the next 2 matrix films didn't have the same pazazz as the first. You can tell by the performances and the writing.💯
121 2 . Reply
macie hoover . 2018-02-03
They made it to harrass a mental patient you've never heard of, same as every other film. The government drugged him, he thought drug thoughts, the rich kids made a movie to joke about what he thought was happening. They do this to people. Believe whatever you want, but it's true. The girl that Trinity represents to that one narrow audience likely had the exact opposite feelings for the victim as Trinity had for Neo. They were just mocking his romantic ideals. He's probably dead now.
121 2 . Reply
Carlos Chevalier Chevalier . 2018-02-03
wow I read a bunch comments and nobody mention the real matrix into which we are born, a matrix whose whole purpose for its existence is to hide the truth of the God of the Bible and his plan of salvation, we are living in the end times. the end of the matrix.
121 2 . Reply
Modus Operandi . 2018-02-01
So glad Keanu got cast :)
121 2 . Reply
Russel Walker . 2018-02-01
I thought they were going to mention how Neo isn't actually the one.
121 2 . Reply
Cybersale169 . 2018-01-30
Great points in this video but both the Agent Smith and neo are the on. A combination of hardware and software. The matrix is more than just software. The one is that coin with 2 sides. It's obvious.
121 2 . Reply
Michael Moore . 2018-01-30
This movie would’ve never came to be if it weren’t for that Black woman that originally wrote all the Matrix movies. N all the Terminators movies. Good thing she won all her rights back in a lawsuit against the Bros.
121 2 . Reply
Osaheni Ayanru . 2018-01-29
The brothers stole the movie from SOPHIA STEWART. She sued the brothers for about 10 YEARS which she eventually won. Look it up and see for yourself.
121 2 . Reply
Code Underground . 2018-01-28
They didn't write the matrix
121 2 . Reply
Scully . 2018-01-27
Every time I see Matrix footage or analysis or review online I feel an inevitable urge to watch the movie again. So good.
121 2 . Reply
#1 Motivational Teacher Videos . 2018-01-27
The Story Was Writen By A Black Woman.
121 2 . Reply
Bob Speigel . 2018-01-26
Let me check the premise, (A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, so no knowledge is even more dangerous) 1. A little knowledge, human brains have a minor electric field that might power a device just like a battery. 2. The perpetual cat farm, feed rats to cats, skin cats for pelts and feet cat carcasses to rats. (a very flawed concept). 3. The matrix, use human brains to power the matrix, feed the dead humans to the live humans to power their brains. Yes just the stupid. No wonder even Hollywood had trouble understanding this level of the Stupid.
121 2 . Reply
Abreha Berhanu . 2018-01-26
They plagiarized the script and court cases happened.
121 2 . Reply
Chris Patroiu . 2018-01-25
Sad that the directors are now suffering from a mental illness
Get well soon
121 2 . Reply
Failure MedKation . 2018-01-25
I saw this for the first time 3 years aho
121 2 . Reply
Jari Haukilahti . 2018-01-25
When it came out 1999 IT ( the story ) was old - It became what it became because some youth,s dont read sfi-novels... Matrix was rubbish
121 2 . Reply
Jayden Eisenbeis . 2018-01-25
I thought it would be about conspiracy theories that we live In a computer program
121 2 . Reply
FANJBRAD . 2018-01-25
Sophia Stewart Made the Matrix this story is a Big Fat Lie
121 2 . Reply
FrakU2 . 2018-01-24
Johnny Depp doing Kung Fu? This fascinates me..!
121 2 . Reply
To Pi . 2018-01-24
The Matrix was stolen..... the wachosky's got sued and loss...... it was a black women that wrote the story.....
121 2 . Reply
Detroit OG . 2018-01-24
fake news ...Sophia Stewart created this movie. (a black woman)
121 2 . Reply
The Real Elvis . 2018-01-23
Max Payne popularized "bullet time" long before the Matrix.... not sure how they were able to trademark the term.
121 2 . Reply
Yannick Bamona . 2018-01-23
lolololol I said wow at the end fractions of secs before Neo
121 2 . Reply
dro sky . 2018-01-23
i think i look like Keano Reeves from the face , especially the eyes and jaw
121 2 . Reply
Erik Soderberg . 2018-01-22
uncle investigator mom spin pant fast abuse bridge
121 2 . Reply
Miles Balint . 2018-01-22
its not a concept.. its a metaphor to our actual relativity. obviously we don't live in a "Computer sim" But life is nothing but an illusion.
121 2 . Reply
Sherif El Kadi . 2018-01-21
The Matrix Works On the Idea Of Banning Utopia from You ... Agent Smith Said it ... You all Had it but it wasn't like you all liked it. A Big Giant Loop. of Which Like in the Lost Train STation ... You DOn't know how or from Where it Started.
121 2 . Reply
Tone202 . 2018-01-21
A black woman wrote this movie not the two white guys who stole it.
121 2 . Reply
JD MC . 2018-01-21
I tried watching Matrix again and it's soooo fucking boring
121 2 . Reply
Johnny Marvéll . 2018-01-21
Bullet Time was invented by Max Payne. Fuck Warner Brothers.
121 2 . Reply
Johnny Marvéll . 2018-01-21
Looper is cancer.😡
121 2 . Reply
Conor OConnor . 2018-01-21
The Matrix was heavily influenced by the original anime Ghost in the Shell.
121 2 . Reply
ThothHeart Maat . 2018-01-21
why did the wachowski brothers become the wachowski sisters? i dont get it...
121 2 . Reply
J Time . 2018-01-21
The red pill ... lol
121 2 . Reply
adam jacobs . 2018-01-21
Clue through command sport Islam planning mass page minute
121 2 . Reply
pizzamannetje79 . 2018-01-20
Untold truth? Is there any part of this movie that wasn't already known? (and if so, is it sourced in any reliable way?)
121 2 . Reply
jack hickman . 2018-01-20
This was the only movie that I watched in theaters 3 times.
121 2 . Reply
Hafa Adai . 2018-01-20
John Wick will always be Neo to me:-)
121 2 . Reply